Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BleachBit 0.5.3 released

Version 0.5.3 is a maintenance release of BleachBit, the free and open source file and privacy cleaner for Linux and Windows. BleachBit aims to be an easy, advanced, and smart way to clean junk including cache, cookies, Internet history, localizations, logs, and temporary files. BleachBit is better than freeware: it's open source.

This release is considered stable for Linux and a preview release for Windows. All users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.


July 16, 2009: BleachBit 0.5.4 has been released.


The following changes are included since 0.5.2:

  • Expand CleanerML to display warnings for options.
  • Add ability to clean Windows registry keys and named values (available in CleanerML).
  • Show in real time the total bytes cleaned in the status bar, so you don't have to scroll to the end of the list.
  • Clean FileZilla
  • Clean aMule thanks to juancarlospaco (LP#390496)
  • Specific to Linux
    • Clean Audacious thanks to juancarlospaco.
    • Clean Links2 thanks to MixCool.
    • Clean Xine thanks to juancarlospaco.
    • Clean a little more of espeak on Ubuntu.
  • Specific to Windows
    • Clean TeamViewer thanks to MixCool.
    • Clean Internet Explorer Typed URL history.
    • Clean Windows system MRU (most recently-used) lists.


  • Add comments in source code to aid translators.
  • Add Polish translation thanks to Dariusz Jakoniuk
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese thanks to Alex B. Oliveira
  • Update Catalan thanks to Oriol Gonzalez.
  • Update Czech thanks to Roman Nornik
  • Update Dutch thanks to Rob
  • Update French thanks to Edouard Marquez
  • Update German thanks to MixCool.
  • Update Hungarian thanks to charlie and Moltenice80.
  • Update Hebrew thanks to Yaron.
  • Update Italian thanks to Luca Falavigna
  • Update Russian thanks to Vadim Peretokin.
  • Update Slovak thanks to Roman Nornik
  • Update Spanish thanks to Alexsp2 and juancarlospaco

Want to help translate BleachBit?

Known issues

  • On Windows when upgrading it's recommended you uninstall before installing the new BleachBit. In the future the installer will be improved.
  • Internet Explorer index.dat files cannot be cleaned because they are in use (locked) by a running process. You will see a red error.
  • On Windows when there is an exception (such as when a file can't be deleted), py2exe throws up an error dialog about a log file when exiting BleachBit.
  • Do translations work on Windows? BleachBit 0.5.3 is in 20 languages. Please reply with a comment on the blog or a bug report.


This video demonstrates BleachBit features while providing basic instructions. Shown on Ubuntu:

Shown on Windows XP:


Download BleachBit now. Installation packages are ready for 19 platforms including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Windows.

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  1. Nice Ubuntu video!!!

    Remember that FAT32 filesystems dont have the hability to Lock files,
    so maybe it works without crash Bleach :)


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