Friday, July 17, 2009

Update to translators

Thank you to all translators for keeping the translations complete and updated. BleachBit is now in 25 languages! Several things have happened and are happening to make translators easier and better:

  • The new translation page gives detailed information for translating BleachBit.
  • As of today, Launchpad shows hints on certain strings. Here is an example:
    Launchpad showing translation tip for the word 'vacuum'
  • I continue to make an active effort to avoid introducing new strings and to avoid editing old strings. This reduces your work. However, some changes are unavoidable, so thanks for your patience.
  • I've reduced the number of strings by combining similar strings to reduce translators' work.
  • I've recruited help for specific new languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Romanian, Swedish) and for a few out-of-date languages on SourceForge's job postings, and many of these postings have led to new translations.
  • While BleachBit uses translations seamlessly on Linux, I'm still working on figuring out how they should work on Windows. A FAQ entry on the new documentation page describes a workaround for Windows users, so BleachBit displays words in your native language. (Let me know whether you need the workaround.)

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