Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free much more disk space than localepurge

Say you are a polyglot fluent in nine languages, and Ubuntu installs files for 500 languages: that means you are wasting disk space for 491 languages you will never use! Ridiculous!

Perhaps your root partition is nearly full, and you are tired of wasting time and space to backup these useless files. Who isn't?

You try localepurge to delete the unnecessary locale files, but the dirty secret is that localepurge misses most of the localizations. What?

Even worse if you use Fedora, CentOS, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat, or any other non-APT distribution, you will find localepurge doesn't work at all. Rejected!

So quit fumbling around with localepurge, and stop the insanity: there is a better way!

Well how much more disk space does BleachBit recover than localepurge? 50% more? Wamby pamby! 100% more? I'm offended! 500% more? Guess even higher!

Scienticians in a laboratory tests prove BleachBit has 705.3% more cleaning power than localepurge on a standard Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope install. Just look at the pretty chart!

Chart: BleachBit vs localepurge on Ubuntu 9.04

Yet BleachBit is so easy to use: on most any Linux distribution, first download and install BleachBit. Then start BleachBit's simple graphical interface as root by clicking Applications - System Tools - BleachBit as Administrator. Go to the preferences and check languages you want to keep. Close the preferences, and check the checkbox for Localizations. Then, click delete, and kiss those unwanted language files goodbye!

Want to delete more than the 181MB shown in the chart? No problem! As you install new software packages and run BleachBit again, its un-patented sensors with advanced open-source technology acquire the target, lock on, and delete even more files. The more you install, the more you save: BleachBit is a waste-hunting predator!

How much would you pay? $49.99? $19.99? You won't find this product in department stores, so put your credit card away, download for free today, and we'll throw in cleaners for Firefox, Flash, Opera, APT, Yum, and fifty other popular applications!

How about a file shredder to too? OK! BleachBit is the one tool that does it all!

What are you waiting for? Hurry while supplies last: download now!

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