Wednesday, August 12, 2009

'sudo yum install bleachbit' for Fedora and Red Hat

I was particularly glad a few weeks ago when Red Hat community engineer Rahul Sundaram wrote me:

Just a heads up that I have imported Bleachbit into the Fedora (rawhide- fedora development branch, Fedora 11, Fedora 10) and EPEL 5 repository

EPEL is a add-on repository for RHEL/Centos et all

For about five years I myself have been using Fedora as my primary operating system (since switching from Mandrake before it became Mandriva), and BleachBit is my second software package in Fedora.

Anyway, Rahul wrote me weeks ago, but finally today BleachBit 0.5.4 (a little old) finally worked its way from the testing area to the standard repository, so installing is as easy as:

sudo yum install bleachbit

If you prefer the graphical interface, it works just as well:

Installing BleachBit on Fedora 11 using the GUI

To install the latest version (0.6.0), download it from BleachBit Downloads. It seems Fedora and Ubuntu have similar policies regarding freezing versions of software. This policy generally makes sense, though it has left an ancient version of BleachBit (0.3.1) in Ubuntu 9.04 because BleachBit has rapidly matured this year.

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  1. Fedora does have a more relaxed updates policy

    I don't usually update all the branches mostly because the value doesn't justify the effort for all the packages I maintain. I do it from time to time if there is a important bug fix or requested feature.



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