Monday, August 17, 2009

BleachBit 0.6.1 released

BleachBit 0.6.1 overwrites free disk space, cleans Nautilus and gPodder, cleans more of Yum, fixes bugs,and includes improved translations.


August 28, 2009: BleachBit 0.6.3 has been released.


The following changes are included since 0.6.0:

  • Overwrite free disk space. Files are deleted "insecurely" in four typical situations: in BleachBit with shredding disabled, with certain BleachBit operations that don't support shredding, with filesystems that don't support shredding, and most deletions outside of BleachBit. These files can often be undeleted. Even if you use the Linux ext3 filesystem, for example, which doesn't support undelete, the file contents can sometimes still be recovered with only moderate technical skill. The new BleachBit option overwrites all the free space to prevent recovery.

    Besides privacy, a popular use for wiping free space is dramatically increasing compression ratios for archiving whole disk images ("ghost" backups) and virtual machines.

    Before using the option, check its settings in the preferences menu. This option is slow: each gigabyte of free takes 15 seconds on my machine.

  • When shredding files manually (from the file menu), show a preview and a list of those that were actually deleted.
  • When confirming delete, treat closing the confirmation dialog the same as cancelling.

  • Cleanup code.
  • Specific to Linux
    • Vacuum the gPodder SQLite database and delete the cache thanks to
    • Erase Nautilus usage history thanks to MixCool. Specifically, this cleaner deletes the saved session files and "metafiles." Besides taking a fair amount of space, these XML files record usage activity as a side effect of tracking Nautilus window positions and emblems. You may be surprised what this cleaner uncovers.
    • Work around a bug in GNOME 2.26, so the recent documents list can be deleted.
    • Vacuum the Yum SQLite databases (for Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS).
    • When running yum clean all enable all repositories.
    • Require package python-xml on OpenSUSE 11.1 (reported by rvpittman).
  • Specific to Windows
    • Include a much rendition of the application logo.


Attention translators: Please read the news on the translations page regarding upcoming changes.

  • Add Croatian thanks to Miro Glavić.
  • Add Korean thanks to Yonghyuk Jang and bundo.
  • Add Ukrainian thanks to S. Matrunchyk aka SkyMan.
  • Add Thai thanks to
  • Update Arabic thanks to MaXeR.
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese thanks to Alex B. Oliveira.
  • Update Bulgarian thanks to Svetoslav Stefanov.
  • Update Catalan thanks to Oriol Gonzalez.
  • Update Croatian thanks to Miro Glavić.
  • Update Czech thanks to Roman Horník.
  • Update Dutch thanks to Rob.
  • Update French thanks to Christophe CATARINA and Pierre Slamich.
  • Update German thanks to MixCool.
  • Update Hebrew thanks to Yaron.
  • Update Hungarian thanks to Gergely Szarka.
  • Update Italian thanks to Luca Falavigna.
  • Update Portuguese thanks to Carlos Geadas.
  • Update Russian thanks to Ilia Lilov aka lilovip and S. Matrunchyk aka SkyMan.
  • Update Simplified Chinese thanks to yuane.
  • Update Spanish thanks to juancarlospaco.
  • Update Swedish thanks to Jens Stääf.
  • Update Polish thanks to Dariusz Jakoniuk.

Want to help translate BleachBit? It's easy.


This screenshot shows the new preferences page for selecting a path for each drive for which to shred space. A typical Linux system includes the home directory and temporary directory unless they are the same partition, in which case only one should be listed. In Windows, typically only C:\ is listed. BleachBit guesses the most appropriate settings.

BleachBit 0.6.1 preferences dialog showing new options to choose drives for which to overwrite free space (Ubuntu 9.04)

BleachBit on PCLinuxOS under KDE 3.5 showing the delete confirmation dialog:

BleachBit 0.6.1 in English on PCLinuxOS 2009

BleachBit in Croatian on Ubuntu:

BleachBit 0.6.1 in Croatian on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)

See more screenshots.

Web site changes

I am testing a new content management system at If notice errors or slowness on the web site, please let me know.


Download BleachBit now. Installation packages are ready for 20 platforms including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Windows.

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