Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Features," the new web page

BleachBit's home page has been simplistic with few details about the application. It's about time it had a page detailing its capabilities, and now it does. Check out the new BleachBit features page on the new web site hosted on Google App Engine. The page lists all the cleaners, all the cleaner options, and enumerates the advanced features you may have overlooked. The new page also gives a sneak peak in to the next version 0.5.2.

Seeing all the cleaners for both Linux and Windows on a single web page emphasizes the length of the list. In fact, I have a backlog of cleaners to review submitted by BleachBit users (some filed in the bug tracker). Many are for applications I have never heard of. In BleachBit's menu the list of cleaners feels cluttered. Each person prefers a different applications, so a feature needed more each day is a way to automatically hide irrelevant cleaners.

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